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Letter of Introduction by Oliver Ahrens, Managing Director:

Thank you for your interest in our company.

Founded in 1896, we are a family owned and run, fully independent Shipbroking company, specializing in the Chartering, Sale and Purchase and projects of Container, MPP and Bulk ships.

My Father Dieter Ahrens and his colleague Dieter Jäkel showed astute perception in recognizing the unstoppable potential and development of the revolutionary container at a very early stage in the late 1960's and indeed helped design and contracted the first ever cellular container vessel (MV =Craigavad= 84 TEU) in 1967 and fixing her on long-term timecharter for inter-Irish Sea Trading.

It was with the same vision that we were the first foreign container broking Company to open an office in Singapore in 2005, recognizing the vital importance of the Asian markets and the ever increasing role that the centrally located Lion City continues to play.

We have consciously always remained an independent Company, believing in the value of being able to render our clients and principals totally unbiased advice ,experience and opinion, without any conflict of interests or having to report to others.

In addition to historically strong ties to the German, European and Atlantic markets, we count ourselves very fortunate to have focused and concentrated very heavily on Asian and Greek clients and business partners, with the result that a very large percentage of our core business today originates from these regions.

Despite the ever easier, faster and directer communication available globally today, we still believe there is a definite role to be played by a knowledgeable broker; an extra pair of eyes that can help negotiate, reassure, mediate or add another perspective. Experience has shown this is often the case during the running of a long-term contract or after a fixture has been concluded and we take pride in every detail of every transaction.

I count myself very fortunate to have a vastly experienced team; our longest serving colleague Karin Spichalski has been with the company for 55 years and has now worked with 4 generations of the family. Many of her colleagues have been with us for 20-30 years and they ensure that all our post fixture work is done diligently and efficiently, thereby servicing our many long-term contract partnerships.

I am delighted that my brother Christopher Ahrens, who joined Mentz Decker in 1983 and later moved to London in 1998 to take over J.E.Hyde & Co.Ltd, has now returned and is using his vast experience and knowledge to head our Sale + Purchase/Projects and Bulk department.

I myself have been in the business as a competitive chartering broker for the last 32 years and consider myself very fortunate to have worked alongside my Father for 14 years and for having gained such an insight and learned so much from him and his colleagues.

We would be very pleased to hear from you and can assure you that we will strive and do our utmost to give you a diligent, individual and excellent service with total discretion assured at all times.